Jet-powered shopping trolley

A Plymouth man modified a shopping trolley with a jet engine – reached 45mph (more…)

Turbine-powered motorbike aims to break speed record

A team building the “52 Express” motorcycle are aiming to break the previous 376mph speed record (more…)

25% cycling by 2050?

The All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group wants a quarter of all journeys to be by push bike in 2050 (more…)

West Midlands speed cameras turned off

All 305 fixed speed cameras have been switched off by the West Midlands Police in a cost-cutting exercise (more…)

M42 variable speed limit gaffe

Speeding tickets issued along two stretched of the M42 could be quashed (more…)

Police admit not enforcing 20mph limit

The Police have admitted that they are not actively enforcing new 20mph speed limits (more…)

Pensioner caught doing 138mph

A 70-year-old biker in Scotland has admitted dangerous driving and failing to stop after high speed chase (more…)

Speed limit confusion

A survey by the AA has discovered that an astonishing 250,000 drivers don’t know the motorway speed limit (more…)

New speed limit guidance for councils

The DfT has released new guidance for local councils to set more appropriate speed limits on local roads (more…)

Professional drivers take more risks

Research has found that motorists who drive for a living take more risks than the general driving population (more…)