36 points and still driving

A Freedom of Information request to the DVLA has revealed that 8,000 drivers have 12 points or more and still driving (more…)

25% cycling by 2050?

The All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group wants a quarter of all journeys to be by push bike in 2050 (more…)

56% favour smoking whilst driving ban

A survey of 3,000 by the IAM into smoking and driving laws reveals 56% in favour of a ban (more…)

Rural roads danger

Road safety charity, Brake, is urging motorists to slow down and take care when driving on rural roads (more…)

THINK! ‘stay in control’ campaign

The road safety initiative, THINK!, has today released its newest campaign aimed at motorcyclists to ride defensively (more…)

Definition of serious injury

The EU strategy on reducing serious road traffic injuries sets out a definition of “serious injury” (more…)

Cycle lights brighter than legal maximum

LED bicycle lights have been found to be brighter than car headlights (more…)

West Midlands speed cameras turned off

All 305 fixed speed cameras have been switched off by the West Midlands Police in a cost-cutting exercise (more…)

Global road traffic injury statistics

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has released statistics for the Global status report on road safety 2013 (more…)

Excuses for using a mobile whilst driving

Surrey Police has revealed the top unusual excuses given by motorists driving whilst using a mobile device (more…)