Smallest car

A Buckinghamshire man has created the world’s smallest car, 3ft high and 2ft wide (more…)

Mind controlled wheelchair

Spanish scientists have developed a wheelchair that can be controlled by thought alone (more…)

Camera boss banned

The boss of the UK distributor of Gatso cameras has been banned from driving for 6 months (more…)

Cheats drive flash cars

An extra-marital dating website has concluded that those seeking an affair generally drive flashy cars (more…)

Cobbled parking

Councils in historic towns nationwide have been having problems with yellow lines sticking to cobbled streets (more…)

Councils given power over parking

From June, councils in England will have the power to issue penalty charge notices (PCN) over dangerous or inconsiderate parking (more…)

Texting at the wheel

A new radio/TV/on-line THINK! campaign has been launched to warn drivers of the dangers of texting whilst driving (more…)

Fast Bikes Article – One Line Number Plate

I have a one line number plate on my bike but the letters are of the required height and dimensions. I have still been stopped and told that I will be prosecuted for it. Is this right? (more…)

Fast Bikes Articles – Knee Down Action

I was riding my bike along a quiet Country road, when a smooth fast right-hander just begged me to gun round it. (more…)