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I was riding my bike along a quiet Country road, when a smooth fast right-hander just begged me to gun round it.

I cracked my R6 nicely open, got myself into a good position, then dug my knee in. I managed to hit the cats-eyes with my knee, but that didn’t unsettle me, I was expecting it. I thought I had an appreciative audience when the Skoda Octavia then starting sitting up my backside, until I saw the blue lights going on under the grill.

The two Police Officers got out, and were very friendly and chatty, and then showed me the video of my riding, and when I was in the bend I was at 65 in a 60, so the Police Officers said that they weren’t going to do me for speeding, but they were going to do me for without due care.

As far as I can see I hadn’t done anything wrong. Are they serious about nicking me?


I can’t tell you whether or not the Police Officers are serious about nicking you, but any Road Traffic Officer would know that crossing a central white line without explanation (and if your knee was touching down on a right hander, at least a third of your body would have been over the white line) is conclusive proof of the evidence. Because you were followed by an unmarked Police car the chances are there is video footage of you doing this, and in any event, each Officer can collaborate the other.

No doubt the Police Officers gave you some opportunity to explain why you dug your knee in, other than it’s a good fun thing to do, so I am afraid that you are going to be on a minimum of a 3 point endorsement for driving without due care.

Andrew Dalton
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