Priests told to stop driving flashy cars

Pope Francis has said it pained him seeing priests driving flashy cars and they should be driving something more normal (more…)

MET police officers disciplined after Harlem Shake video

A YouTube video of 7 transport Police community officers doing the Harlem Shake has got them into trouble (more…)

New drink driving testing bill

The bill removes the right to have a second blood or urine test which is sometimes used by drink drivers who are above but close to the legal limit (more…)

London congestion charge changes

New congestion charge rules have come into force to try and curb the increase in diesel cars (more…)

New website targets road skills

The Driving Standards Agency have developed a new website that aims to help riders and drivers improve their riding and driving skills (more…)

Lotus to manufacture motorcycles

Sportscar brand, lotus, is to start manufacturing superbikes, starting with the C-01 (more…)

Driving Standards Agency & Vehicle Operator Services Agency to be merged

Changes to merge the DSA and VOSA into one organisation were announced by Roads Minister Stephen Hammond (more…)

Fighter jet inspired heads up for motorcyclists

A team of Russian engineers have come up with a prototype augmented reality GPS system for motorcycle helmets (more…)

Summer drink drive campaign launched

THINK! and ACPO are both elevating their efforts to tackle drink driving over the summer months (more…)

Careless driving gets fixed penalties

In a range of motoring offence reforms, Police will have the power to issue fixed penalties for careless driving offences (more…)