High street parking could be relaxed

A proposal by the Local Government Secretary, Eric Pickles, could mean that shoppers in towns could be given a grace period for parking on double yellows (more…)

Summer anti-drink drive operation results

ACPO have released a statement on the results of their June 2013 anti-drink drive campaign (more…)

Car security cracked by scientists

A group of British scientists have cracked the codes used to start many luxury car marques (more…)

Jet-powered shopping trolley

A Plymouth man modified a shopping trolley with a jet engine – reached 45mph (more…)

M25 Melts

Police were forced to close part of the clockwise M25 on Sunday after the road surface started melting (more…)

Insane Ford transit

Ford have created a snorting 150mph 295bhp supervan (more…)

Motorcycle off-road manoeuvre test is safer and cheaper

The Motorcycle Test Review was commissioned to look at the feasibility of moving the off-road manoeuvres part of the test onto the road and has concluded that this would increase injuries and costs. (more…)

Priests told to stop driving flashy cars

Pope Francis has said it pained him seeing priests driving flashy cars and they should be driving something more normal (more…)

MET police officers disciplined after Harlem Shake video

A YouTube video of 7 transport Police community officers doing the Harlem Shake has got them into trouble (more…)

New drink driving testing bill

The bill removes the right to have a second blood or urine test which is sometimes used by drink drivers who are above but close to the legal limit (more…)