New EU tyre labelling regulations

New EU regulations for the labelling of light trucks and passenger vehicle tyres comes into force on 1st November 2012 (more…)

Bikers check tyre Performance, Air, Condition and Thread

A new campaign launched by TyreSafe, an organisation devoted to raising awareness on tyre safety, advises motorcyclists to make a “PACT” with their tyres (more…)

Winter tyres won’t increase insurance

The Association of British Insurers, which represents 90% of the UK motor insurance industry, assures motorists there won’t be an increase in premiums for those fitting winter tyres (more…)

Car maintenance feels the squeeze

Motorists looking to save money are risking lives by scrimping on car maintenance (more…)

Buy winter tyres early to avoid the rush

With the last two winters being quite harsh drivers who are thinking of fitting winter tyres are being urged by the IAM to get them early (more…)

IAM advice on winter tyres

The Institute of Advanced Motorists runs through the benefits and disadvantages of winter tyres (more…)

Fine for wrong tyres

Motorists in Quebec face a fine of $300 if their vehicle is not running on snow tyres (more…)

Man dies form tyre explosion

A 51 year-old man has died from an exploding tyre after he tried to remove debris (more…)

Slowest police chase

A man in Germany tried to get home after nightclubbing in a stolen tractor (more…)