42 points and still driving

A woman from London is still driving with 42 points on her licence (more…)

36 points and still driving

A Freedom of Information request to the DVLA has revealed that 8,000 drivers have 12 points or more and still driving (more…)

Driving with a mobile on the up

Disturbing research show mobile phone use whilst driving may be on the increase (more…)

Motorists want higher fines

In research carried out by Brake, drivers want to see higher fines for repeat offenders (more…)

Mobile phone addiction at the wheel

Nearly half of all drivers regularly talk on the mobile phone whilst driving (more…)

Speeding leads to higher insurance premiums

According to a recent study drivers risk a possible rise by almost a quarter on their insurance premiums by receiving just one fixed penalty notice at 3 points. (more…)

Still driving with 12 points or more

Data from the DVLA reveals that there are 10,000 drivers still driving with 12 points or more. (more…)

Fixed Penalty Notices unpopular

No surprises, research by IAM found that only 15% think that fixed penalty notices are effective (more…)

Huhne speeding investigation

Chris Huhne, the Energy Secretary, under investigation for allegedly evading speeding points (more…)

Still driving on 39 points

A motorists in Swindon has kept his licence even though he has 39 points on his licence (more…)