Lotus to manufacture motorcycles

Sportscar brand, lotus, is to start manufacturing superbikes, starting with the C-01 (more…)

EU motorbike legislation

A majority vote in favour of new rules governing the safety and environmental impact of motorcycles to go ahead in 2016 (more…)

Air powered motorbike

Last week we talked about making petrol from air but how about skipping the chemical process altogether and just uses air to power a motorbike? (more…)

155mph hitchhiking snake

A Brazilian motorcyclist had a nasty surprise whilst filing himself riding from a snake hitchhiking on his motorbike

The rider filmed himself riding along a Brazilian highway at speeds of 155mph when all of a sudden a yellow snake lunges at him. It’s unclear whether the snake was actually poisonous but both the rider and snake were unharmed

Model motorbike stunts

A catwalk model has become Britain’s first female motorbike stunt rider (more…)

Biking gran to sell up and travel world

62 year old gran, Sue O’Grady plans to sell her £200k family home and travel the world on her Harley Davidson (more…)

Motorcycling on the rise

The IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) conducted a survey of nearly 6,000 on motorbike use (more…)

Motorbike instructor banned for 3 years

A motorcycle instructor has been banned for three years after falling off her bike during a lesson (more…)

214mpg Honda motorbike

A Dutch eco-enthusiast has created a modified Honda Innova that can achieve 214mpg (more…)

Spiked motorbike

How about this for a crazy concept for a motorbike with spiked wheels for riding in snowy and icy conditions (more…)