Incident clear-up times reduced by 45 minutes

The DfT run initiative to quickly reopen roads after major incidents is seeing huge financial benefits to the economy (more…)

HGV Speed Limits may change

Proposals to increase the HGV speed limits by the Government are designed to get the economy moving (more…)

£170 million in road funding

The transport secretary has revealed a massive injection of funding for Britain’s roads (more…)

January fuel duty rise scrapped

An autumn statement by Chancellor George Osborne has scrapped the January fuel duty rise (more…)

Roadworks charges

Utility companies may have to pay local councils to dig up the road during peak hours (more…)

Eco-car clubs to get extra funding

The Government is to give £40,000 in funding to support the development of eco-car clubs in the UK (more…)

214mpg Honda motorbike

A Dutch eco-enthusiast has created a modified Honda Innova that can achieve 214mpg (more…)