M42 variable speed limit gaffe

Speeding tickets issued along two stretched of the M42 could be quashed (more…)

Speed limit confusion

A survey by the AA has discovered that an astonishing 250,000 drivers don’t know the motorway speed limit (more…)

New speed limit guidance for councils

The DfT has released new guidance for local councils to set more appropriate speed limits on local roads (more…)

Local Authority speed limit guidance

New guidance for local authorities has been released to better equip them in setting local speed limits (more…)

Formula 1 winner shuns 80mph speed limit

Ex-Formula One world champion Damon Hill stated in an interview with the Radio Times he wants to see 55mph limits on motorways, not 80mph (more…)

Drivers unaware of speed limits

Research shows that 71% of drivers are unaware of speed limits (more…)

Traffic speeds in communities too high

Road safety charity Brake, is calling for driver’s to slow down in built-up areas over the summer holidays (more…)

Fake 40mph speed limit

Pranksters in Bradford put up a fake 40mph speed limit sign in a 30mph zone (more…)

Motorway speed limit warning

Proposed increase to the motorway speed limit could see casualties and emissions increase (more…)

Spanish motorway speed limit decreased

Spain has reduced the legal speed limit on its motorways (more…)