Speed camera collision, casualty and speed data

The Department for Transport have released links to external local authority websites of collisions, casualtities and speeds at fixed speed camera sites (more…)


We normally hear stories about speed cameras being burned and destroyed, but one speed camera in Australia got an altogether different treatment (more…)

Irish speed camera network

Ireland has set-up a new network of speed cameras across the country with the intention of reducing accidents and saving lives. (more…)

Brake slam new speed camera policy

Road safety charity, Brake, call coalition government’s policy not to fund new speed cameras as a “trip back to the dark ages” (more…)

Speed camera van combusts

A speed camera van in North Wales caught fire all by itself (more…)

Speed Cameras on residential roads

The Home Office is set to approve average speed cameras (SPECS) on residential roads in the New Year (more…)

Italian Speed Fraud

An Italian based speed camera manufacturer is being accused of fraud (more…)