Judge wasted money contesting red light offence

A judge has been handed a £5,000 fine for wasting court time and resources over a red light signal offence (more…)

Clamp down on rogue clampers

From 1st October it will be an offence to clamp, tow, block-in or immobilise a vehicle on private land without the proper lawful authority (more…)

Drug drivers to face prison

Motorists who are found to be driving under the influence of drugs face prison sentences (more…)

Causing serious injury by dangerous driving

The Government have announced plans to introduce a new motoring offence of causing serious injury by dangerous driving (more…)

Policeman tries to dodge speeding by exemption

A senior Police officer form Surrey Police tried to avoid a speeding offence by falsifying entries in his diary (more…)

Road Safety charity calls for Drug Driving offence

Brake, the road safety charity, says there were only 1,644 convictions for drug driving in 2008 compared to 71,449 for drink driving (more…)

Speeding Offences, Tickets, Penalties and Fines

Legal help and law information with regards to speeding offences, fines, tickets, NIPs and penalties from our specialist Lawyers and Solicitors (more…)

Parking on a Pavement Offences

Can you escape prosecution for parking your motorcycle on a pavement if it is parked on a stand? (more…)

Uninsured vehicle offence

Measures to make it an offence to keep an uninsured vehicle have been approved by the Road Safety Minister (more…)

Fast Bikes Articles – Not for Road Use

Can I make my exhaust pipes which are marked ‘not for highway use’ legal by putting baffles in them and then getting the bike re-MOT’d? (more…)