Speeding Offences, Tickets, Penalties and Fines

Legal help and law information with regards to speeding offences, fines, tickets, NIPs and penalties from our specialist Lawyers and Solicitors

We have a wealth of legal information accessible on our website, the following is a summary what we have available with regards to speeding offences

Guide to Speeding
General categories that exceeding the speed limit falls into, what speed measuring devices are commonly used, whether an NIP is issued for speeding offences, the likely punishment for a speeding offence and the possible defences available for speeding.

Guide to Notice of Intended Prosecution
A Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) is most commonly issued for speed offences. This guide will inform you of how an NIP is normally issued, information on the law and the 14 days they have to serve an NIP and any exceptions to the law.

Guide to Speed Detection Devices
Overview of the most commonly used speed detection devices, from LTI 2020 laser, radar, GATSO cameras, Vascar stopwatch and video to the newer average speed SPECS systems currently used on motorway roadworks.

Speed Camera Locations
A list of links to the latest local safety camera partnerships and police forces for speed camera locations which includes fixed and mobile cameras, updated regularly.

Typical Speeding Scenarios
Common situations where we have defended our clients against allegations of speeding, from doctors on call, employees with particular responsibilities to single parents with children.

Speed Punishment Calculator
Use our speeding calculator to find out the likely punishment for alleged speeding

You should always seek professional advice in relation to any speeding offence. Call our lawyers for expert legal advice.

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