Fastest mobility scooter ever seized

A 24 year old from Doncaster converted a mobility scooter into a 60mph feat of engineering (more…)

Speeding leads to higher insurance premiums

According to a recent study drivers risk a possible rise by almost a quarter on their insurance premiums by receiving just one fixed penalty notice at 3 points. (more…)

Still driving with 12 points or more

Data from the DVLA reveals that there are 10,000 drivers still driving with 12 points or more. (more…)

Motorway speeding statistics

Statistics from the DfT show that 49% of drivers exceed the speed limit on motorways (more…)

Huhne speeding investigation

Chris Huhne, the Energy Secretary, under investigation for allegedly evading speeding points (more…)

Fixed penalty fines may increase

A Government review on road safety suggests that fixed penalty fines should increase (more…)

Lack of driver skill top cause of accidents

The IAM has revealed that driver and rider error or reaction are the top causes of motoring accidents (more…)

Speeding point’s threshold could change

Proposals by Mike Penning, Transport Minister, could see the threshold for driver awareness courses increased (more…)

100mph speeding with wife on bonnet

A man in California has been charged with attempted murder and domestic violence after speeding with his wife clinging on to the car bonnet (more…)

Australian town renamed Speedkills

A tiny town in the Australian outback is to rename itself from Speed to Speedkills for the whole of March (more…)