A new camera in town

Councils up and down the country are installing new super cameras to catch motorists (more…)

London congestion charge changes

New congestion charge rules have come into force to try and curb the increase in diesel cars (more…)

3½ months to find a parking space?

Research shows Brits spend on average 14 weeks of their life looking for a parking space (more…)

2.5 miles of signage removed from London

No, not another metal theft, but local Councils taking the lead in reducing street clutter from excessive signage (more…)

100s of uninsured cars seized

In an annual bid to remove uninsured drivers from London’s streets, Operation Cubo hits London again (more…)

10,000 parking tickets issued a day

An investigation by The Sun has discovered that over the 2011 – 2012 financial year councils have raked in nearly £3 billion in parking fines (more…)

Olympic lanes in force

Changes to London’s road layouts to accommodate Olympic Games traffic starts (more…)

London councils to fine littering motorists

New powers have been granted to London councils for them to fine drivers who throw litter out of the vehicle window (more…)

Olympic Games road disruption

Transport for London (TfL) have released details of how the Olympic Games will affect the local transport network

Detailed with TfL website is specific information about how road events such as marathons, triathlons and cycle road races will impact the local road networks. In addition a website called Get Ahead of the Games provides advice and planning for travellers during the games.

Olympic traffic congestion could be 33% higher

A leading supplier of traffic information services predicts that the Olympic Games could increase congestion in London by 33% (more…)