Proposed taxi law reforms

The Law Commission has published a list of proposed reforms to taxi and private hire laws (more…)

Lack of driver skill top cause of accidents

The IAM has revealed that driver and rider error or reaction are the top causes of motoring accidents (more…)

Motorcycle tyre tread depth law change

Draft legislation has been put forward to reduce the fine for insufficient tyre tread depth on a motorcycle tyre (more…)

300 lives a year could be saved by seatbelts

Statistics published by the government show that a third of those killed in car accidents were not wearing seatbelts (more…)

Tips for driving abroad this holiday season

The IAM has provided information on the various areas of driving law in EU countries for holiday drivers this year (more…)

Changes to the law for mobility scooters

The DfT is to have a consultation on possible legal changes to mobility scooters (more…)

O’Halloran & Francis v. UK European Court of Human Rights

Judgment of 29 June 2007. Does the the compulsion to provide details of the driver under s.172 Road Traffic Act 1988 infringe your Human Rights? (more…)

Taxi regulation and Laws

The Government is to run a public consultation on the laws that govern taxis with the aim of improving passenger and driver safety (more…)

DVLA driver details

Driver details are being accessed by councils for minor offences

The database which contains car and driver information for nearly every vehicle on the road is being used by councils to obtain details of people accused of minor crimes such as litter dropping, totally unrelated to the concerns of the DVLA. Under law councils and the Police are allowed access to the information.

Ban smoking in cars

Campaigners are calling for a ban on smoking in a similar way mobile phones are banned (more…)