White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors

White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors are a specialist firm of motorcycle solicitors. They are Motor Defence Team’s sister firm and represent motorcyclists who have been unfortunate to be involved in a road traffic accident suffering injuries. All the solicitors at White Dalton ride motorcycles.


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Motorcycle Accident Solicitors

In 2/3 of collisions between cars and motorcycles car drivers are at fault. Motorcycle accident scenarios we are often faced with include:

Accident from a Defective Road

It is a relatively complex area of law where we take on very many cases that have been rejected by other solicitors

Diesel or Highway Spill Accident

If you can prove your accident occurred as a result of a spill on the highway you can bring a claim

Accident Whilst Filtering

Most motorcyclists filter, overtaking down the outside or between lines of traffic

Accidents Involving Speed

It is almost inevitable that speed is alleged in motorcycle accidents and this is one of the most problematic areas of motorcycle litigation


We often come across arguments that no compensation should be payable in undertaking situations. The reality is that any case will turn on its specific facts

Untraced or uninsured

If you are the victim of an accident with a hit-and-run driver, a vehicle that can’t be traced or an uninsured third party you can still bring a claim.