Here are some of the many testimonials that we have received after we have acted on behalf of our clients. Throughout out England and Wales motorists keep saying we are doing a great job keeping their licence clean and them in control of their vehicle. We really do hope that you do not need the services of any solicitor, but if you do then here are several great reasons why you should give Motor Defence Solicitors a call on 0800 2800 912.

Thank you

Thank you for keeping me on the road and saving me from bankruptcy

- JB

Cannot fault the service

After my first 3 points I received another Notice of Intended Prosecution less than 3 weeks later. I decided it was time to fight back and I got in touch with MDS. The "Safety Camera Partnership" kept threatening me with prosecution but after a stubborn defence by MDS the ticket was quietly dropped, and I got the satisfaction of knowing I was not another statistic. I am so glad MDS held their nerve and were quietly reassuring throughout. Cannot fault the service

- AD

My case was dealt with swiftly

My case was dealt with swiftly, professionally and overall very well. I am very satisfied with the end result

- RH motor journalist