Guide to Taxis: Unlicensed Hackney Carriage Drivers

It is an offence to drive a Hackney Carriage (taxi with a yellow or white plate at the rear of the vehicle stating that it is a Hackney Carriage, usually with a sign on top, which can be hailed in the street) without a valid licence issued by the local authority. It is also an offence for a proprietor of a Hackney Carriage company to employ a driver who does not have a valid Hackney Carriage licence.

There is no requirement that the driver have any additional category on their driving licence from the DVLA, as long as the vehicle they are driving is of a type covered by their licence.

Where a driver is found to be driving a Hackney Carriage without a valid licence both the driver and the proprietor are likely to be prosecuted.

Do I need an NIP (Notice of Intended Prosecution) for offences relating to allowing an unlicensed person to drive a Hackney Carriage?

No, there is not a requirement for an NIP for the offence relating to employing an unlicensed driver of a hackney carriage.


Fine up to £1000.


Whether this was undertaken unknowingly or you were not aware that the person was driving, if you face a charge such as this we strongly advise you contact us for advice, as a defence would be dependant on the facts of the case. Therefore it is critical that the full circumstances of your case are examined to ensure your case is properly prepared. If you face an allegation, we advise you contact us to take specialist legal advice

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