Taxi Offence Guides

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As the taxi industry continues to grow and become a greater part of the transport system it is more important than ever to protect your licence from points. What would happen to you if you lost your licence? Would it affect your employment, your livelihood or even your family members?


The following terms are used are used on the pages within the Taxi Guide:

Hackney Carriage‘ – used officially as the term for a taxi or Private Hire Vehicle (PHV).

Taxi‘ – a general term for a vehicle that has been licensed by the Local or Licensing Authority to ply for hire on the streets, i.e., can be hailed as and when needed. They are fitted, normally, with a meter (called a taximeter) that calculates the costs for the journey on the basis of either distance covered or time that has elapsed since the start of the journey (or a combination of both), in accordance with the Local or Licensing Authorities by-laws.

Private Hire‘ (also know as a Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) or a Mini Cab) – a general term for a vehicle that has been licensed to carry up to 9 persons (including the driver). This type of Hackney Carriage is not allowed to ply the streets for business, but must be pre-booked, normally through an operator. The fare is by an agreement as part of the pre-booking arrangements but it can still be by ‘the meter’.

Licence or Licence Holder – is used for the purpose of confirming an authority has been granted to the driver of the vehicle to drive a Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) or taxi for hire. In most cases, if not all, the Local or Licensing Authority would have carried out background checks on the licence holder to ensure their suitability. The badge must be shown on request.

Proprietor – the owner of the Hackney Carriage. The Proprietor can be the driver or they may own several vehicles and have various drivers.

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