Obstructing Another Hackney Carriage

It is an offence for the driver or any other person having charge or care of a Hackney Carriage (a taxi with a yellow or white plate at the rear of the vehicle stating that it is a Hackney Carriage, usually with a sign on top, which can be hailed in the street) to obstruct any other driver of a Hackney Carriage from carrying out their business (i.e. setting down or collecting their fares), including preventing or attempting to prevent that Hackney Carriage from being hired.

Basically, this offence is aimed at taxi drivers who try and cut up other drivers to beat them to a fare. Where a driver of a Hackney Carriage is obstructed from carrying out their normal business then the driver of the obstructing Hackney Carriage is likely to be prosecuted.

Do I need an NIP (Notice of Intended Prosecution) for offences relating to obstruction of any other Hackney Carriage?

No, there is not a requirement for an NIP for the offence relating to a charge of obstruction another Hackney Carriage.


Fine up to £250 for each offence.


If you inadvertently obstruct another Hackney Carriage because you had set down your fare and were, for example, assisting them with their bags or other reason we strongly advise you contact us for advice, as a defence would be dependant on the facts of the case. Therefore it is critical that the full circumstances of your case are examined to ensure your case is properly prepared. If you face an allegation, we advise you contact us to take specialist legal advice

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