Guide to Leaving a Vehicle in a Dangerous Position

It is an offence to leave a vehicle or trailer in a position on a road where it could cause injury to someone using the road. Examples are leaving a vehicle parked on a blind bend or next to a humpback bridge. It also includes things like leaving a vehicle parked on a slope without putting the handbrake on.

To prosecute you, the authorities have to show that you:

  • left the vehicle on a road; and
  • that the position it was left in caused the danger of injury to other persons who were using the road.

Do I need an NIP (Notice of Intended Prosecution) for Leaving a Vehicle in a Dangerous Position?

Yes, there is a requirement for an NIP for Leaving a Vehicle in a Dangerous Position unless one of the exceptions apply. Please go to our NIP guide for further information.


Fine up to £1,000, 3 penalty points and discretionary disqualification from driving.


The Prosecution have to prove a number of elements to make out this offence. There can be difficulties in showing that there was a danger to other road users and there may also be a defence available if there was a mechanical problem with your vehicle that you did not know about.

Defences often turn on the particular circumstances of an alleged offence, so we recommend you take specialist legal advice from us before simply accepting an allegation that the Prosecution may not be able to prove. Even if you have committed the offence, we are still able to assist by advising you on what elements of your personal circumstances the Court are likely to take into account when considering punishment.

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