Rural roads danger

Road safety charity, Brake, is urging motorists to slow down and take care when driving on rural roads (more…)

Permits to dig up roads

Councils given more freedom to control when utility companies can dig up roads (more…)

Netherlands get glow-in-the-dark roads

Also known as ‘Smart highways’, a special photo luminescent paint is used to mark the roads (more…)

Incident clear-up times reduced by 45 minutes

The DfT run initiative to quickly reopen roads after major incidents is seeing huge financial benefits to the economy (more…)

Cyclists want safer roads – survey reveals

Over 60% of commuters said that roads were unfit for cycling on and it puts them off using a bike for their commute (more…)

Roads privatisation

To improve the road network, the Government calls for motorways to be toll based or privatised (more…)

Pot-hole menace thwarted

The Institute of Highways Engineers says that major pot-hole damage has been averted due to strategic salting (more…)

Scotland & Wales receive extra road funding

£242 million is to be given over to road improvement and maintenance in Scotland and Wales (more…)

Devolution in transport funding

Proposals could see decision making on local transport schemes handed to local transport bodies (more…)

Calls for rural roads in driving test

The IAM has renewed its calls to the Government to include rural A-roads in the test (more…)