Pothole advice to local authorities

The Pothole Review, part of the Government’s Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme, provides advice on tackling the pothole menace (more…)

Pot increased for road repairs

The Government has increased the amount of money available for road repairs (more…)

More money to repair winter potholes

The Government has provided more than £100 million to local authorities for the repair of damaged roads (more…)

Britain’s most depressing roads revealed

Motorcycle News conducted a survey of 3,000 drivers and bikers to reveal the UK’s most depressing roads (more…)

How to report potholes

As every road user knows, potholes are the current nuisance for drivers and motorcyclists alike (more…)

Be wary of potholes

With the recent cold weather and following thaw, potholes are once again becoming an annoyance to road users (more…)

Half a job

Walsall Council fills in only half of a highway pothole (more…)