Air powered motorbike

Last week we talked about making petrol from air but how about skipping the chemical process altogether and just uses air to power a motorbike? (more…)

Petrol from thin air?

A small engineering firm in the north has created technology that can create petrol from air

As crazy as it sounds, the technology has so far produced 5 usable litres of petrol from a process known as an “air capture” system; their technology page describes it in detail.

It took three months to get the 5 litres of usable petrol but the company, Air Fuel Synthesis, hopes that in 15 years a refinery scale operation could be built to provide Britain with its own source of petrol without having to rely on volatile foreign markets.

Leaded petrol to become unavailable globally

The global phase-out of leaded petrol could be complete by 2013 (more…)

Petrol and diesel vehicles banned by 2050?

Ideas put forward by the EU to reduce carbon emissions by 2050 (more…)

Garage freezes petrol price

A Tesco garage in Weston-Super-Mare had a technical fault on its price board, freezing the cost of petrol (more…)

Cold weather driving adds 3p a litre at the pumps

Drivers may be unaware that using heaters, demisters, windscreen wipers and headlights adds to fuel consumption (more…)