High street parking could be relaxed

A proposal by the Local Government Secretary, Eric Pickles, could mean that shoppers in towns could be given a grace period for parking on double yellows (more…)

3½ months to find a parking space?

Research shows Brits spend on average 14 weeks of their life looking for a parking space (more…)

Extreme parking tickets

CCTV footage caught parking authorities in Israel painting disabled parking markings around an already parked car (more…)

10,000 parking tickets issued a day

An investigation by The Sun has discovered that over the 2011 – 2012 financial year councils have raked in nearly £3 billion in parking fines (more…)

Parking tickets a joke

Motorists on the Isle of Scilly awoke on New Year’s Day to find that their cars had parking tickets applied to them (more…)

Blue Badge scammers crackdown

A new Blue Badge designed with extra security features has come into force (more…)

New powers to stop pavement parking

The Government has given councils new powers to use signage to identify pavement parking bans (more…)

Luton Airport Parking CCTV Fines

From today, Luton Airport will start fining motorists who do not park in the designated areas to drop off their passengers at the airport

The airport introduced a £1 parking charge for those motorists who are dropping off passengers. Through complaints about drivers parking in non-designated areas to drop off and therefore creating congestion at the airport, CCTV has been introduced to fine drivers parking illegally and ignoring road signs. Andrew Prendergast appeared on Anglia TV News explaining how this would affect the motorist. View the complete video below.


Radar guided parking

Volkswagen has developed a new gadget to help Drivers Park their cars (more…)

Public Parking

The DfT has just released results from December 2008 survey into public attitudes towards parking (more…)