1 in 10 motorbikes have outstanding finance

Vehicle checking firm HPI warns about buying motorbikes with outstanding finance (more…)

Forecourt cameras crackdown on uninsured drivers

Downing Street is in discussions with the large fuel suppliers about commandeering forecourt cameras to catch uninsured drivers (more…)

Seatbelt and Number Plate Law Changes

Fines for foreign drivers committing seatbelt or number plate offences could increase (more…)

Electronic number plates with digital advertising

California is to look at ways of tackling its debt by introducing number plates that display advertising (more…)

Number Plate Cameras

Drivers have been caught on Police camera 100 times a year (more…)

Rising Fines

The Home Office has increased fines for seatbelt and number plate offences (more…)

Fast Bikes Article – One Line Number Plate

I have a one line number plate on my bike but the letters are of the required height and dimensions. I have still been stopped and told that I will be prosecuted for it. Is this right? (more…)