Speeding NIP M4 Toll Plaza

Speed cameras operate between many junctions of the M4 motorway using a variety of devices from speed camera vans, SPECS average speed cameras and fixed cameras. (more…)

Policeman tries to dodge speeding by exemption

A senior Police officer form Surrey Police tried to avoid a speeding offence by falsifying entries in his diary (more…)

Speeding Offences, Tickets, Penalties and Fines

Legal help and law information with regards to speeding offences, fines, tickets, NIPs and penalties from our specialist Lawyers and Solicitors (more…)

Notice of Intended Prosecution

A Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) is normally served for speeding offences. What if the NIP arrived late? (more…)

How can I challenge a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN)?

Guide to completing a ticket so that you may challenge the allegation (more…)

Illegal NIP

Hampshire and Isle of Wight speed camera partnership caught up in falsifying documents (more…)