Tougher mobile phone penalties

The IAM has called for tougher and more consistent penalties for drivers causing death whilst using a mobile phone (more…)

Driving with a mobile on the up

Disturbing research show mobile phone use whilst driving may be on the increase (more…)

Pedestrian’s texting at increased danger

Pedestrians who use their mobile phone whilst crossing the road are four times more likely to ignore crossing lights (more…)

Welsh Police crackdown on mobile phone drivers

For the next two weeks, Welsh Police are having a crackdown on drivers using a hand-held device whilst driving (more…)

Lorry pushes car along A1M, sideways

A lorry driver has been caught on mobile phone video pushing a Renault Clio along the A1M, sideways (more…)

Mobile phone use whilst driving

The DfT has released statistics on the number of drivers using Hand-held or Hands-free mobile phones in October 2009 (more…)

Using a Mobile Phone whilst Driving

To drive whilst using a mobile phone that doesn’t have hands free operation is an offence (more…)

Ray of light

American inventors have come up with a novel idea for safer cycling at night (more…)