M25 Melts

Police were forced to close part of the clockwise M25 on Sunday after the road surface started melting (more…)

M25 gantry speed cameras “not working”

AOL News submitted 20 Freedom of Information requests over 3 months to local Police authorities to discover that over the last 12 months no-one has been caught by the gantry cameras (more…)

M25 Speeding Ticket

Average speed cameras operate along parts of the M25 motorway and it is sometimes difficult to keep track of the various locations of SPECS average speed cameras, especially if there are road works present and temporary 50mph speed limits are in force. (more…)

M25 Speed limits to be introduced

The Highways Agency is to introduce new mandatory speed limits to a stretch of the M25 (more…)

Tortoise rescued from M25

The Tortoise, nicknamed freeway, was found near junction 7 of the M25 (more…)