Cycle lights brighter than legal maximum

LED bicycle lights have been found to be brighter than car headlights (more…)

UK’s exorbitant legal bill

The Association of British Insurers calls for reductions in the UK’s legal fees (more…)

EU Speeding laws blocked

The British government may block proposals from the European Commission that change the way offences abroad are handled (more…)

Increased Punishment for Failing to Give Information

For offences of failing to give information committed on or after 24 September 2007 the punishment will now be 6 penalty points (previously 3) as a result of implementation of The Road Safety Act 2006. (more…)

Milton v. CPS [2007] High Court of Justice (QBD)

If you are accused of Dangerous Driving, can the Court look at your level of driving skill when deciding whether or not you have driven dangerously? (more…)

Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC)

That there is a new qualification that affects both new and current drivers of Buses, Coaches and Lorries, and it is called Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC). (more…)