Black box insurance

Good practice guidelines have been released to help consumers decide on having an insurance policy that uses black box technology to monitor your driving style (more…)

Insurance premiums hiked due to crash-for-cash gang

261 fraudulent crashes from one gang raised the insurance premiums for a whole county (more…)

Drivers in their 40s most likely to speed

Data research by insurance website shows that those most likely to speed are in their 40s (more…)

Auto braking systems reduce insurance premiums

It has been revealed that buying a vehicle fitted with Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) systems will reduce insurance premiums (more…)

Accidents decrease, whiplash claims increase

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries has studied data from UK claims and the police and discovered some discrepancies (more…)

Buying a tax disc?

In future, you won’t need to produce insurance when buying a tax disc. (more…)

Uninsured cars seized tops 1 million

The MIB (Motor Insurers Bureau) which holds insurance records for over 34 million vehicles has seized their 1 millionth car. (more…)

Black box technology for cars

The Department for Transport is working with the motor industry to investigate the use of black boxes in cars (more…)

Government to tackle rising insurance premiums

The PM met with the insurance industry, consumer and business groups to tackle the issue of rising insurance premiums (more…)

Whiplash claims biggest cause of higher insurance premiums

The Transport Select Committee comments on the rising costs of motor insurance, the causes and possible solutions (more…)