Tougher mobile phone penalties

The IAM has called for tougher and more consistent penalties for drivers causing death whilst using a mobile phone (more…)

The Pothole Review

12 months on from the pothole review, councils are being more open about the issue (more…)

IAM evaluate advanced motorcycle test

The Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists (IAM) have published rider attitudes towards their advanced riding course (more…)

Road safety campaign spending cut

The DfT is planning to spend only £3.7 million on road safety campaigns in 2012/13 (more…)

Report on older drivers

The IAM has published findings on older drivers’ attitudes to driving (more…)

IAM to launch winter driving campaign

The Institute of Advanced Motorists is to launch its winter driving campaign (more…)

Planning needed for growing elderly drivers

Research by the IAM shows that the number of drivers over the age of 65 is increasing (more…)

Motorists still untrusting of speed cameras

The IAM’s annual speed camera survey has found that the majority of drivers think that speed cameras are a good idea, but nearly half don’t trust them (more…)

Court hearings for offences down

Ministry of Justice statistics show a decrease in the number of road traffic offences which went to court (more…)

Fixed penalty fine increases

The Government is proposing to increase the fines from £60 to £90 (more…)