Eating whilst driving

An American insurance company has researched the top 10 foods NOT to eat whilst driving

The research was conducted after they discovered a customer had a restraining order on any food stuff within his reach whilst driving. We would warn of any form of distraction whilst driving, which if found to be the cause of an incident could lead to a careless or dangerous driving conviction, depending on the severity. Top 10 food offenders are:

  1. Coffee – Hot liquid
  2. Soup – Again, hot liquid
  3. Tacos – food everywhere
  4. Hot Dogs – sloppy food
  5. Hamburgers – Hot and greasy
  6. Barbecued food – Greasy food = Greasy hands
  7. Fried Chicken – More greasy hands
  8. Donuts – Filling everywhere
  9. Fizzy drinks – could explode
  10. Chocolate – could melt in hands