25% cycling by 2050?

The All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group wants a quarter of all journeys to be by push bike in 2050 (more…)

Motorway built around a house

An elderly couple in China refused to move out when road developers came knocking (more…)

HGV Speed Limits may change

Proposals to increase the HGV speed limits by the Government are designed to get the economy moving (more…)

80mph U-turn

In another policy U-turn by the Government, the proposed 80mph motorway limit is ready to be scrapped (more…)

Scotland Government looks to lower drink drive limit

Plans to cut the drink drive limit from the existing 80mg per 100ml of blood to 50mpg (more…)

Poor state of road markings

White lines on UK’s road network has deteriorated to a dangerous level and barely visible (more…)

Justice outcomes by location

The Police.uk crime map has been updated to include additional details about the outcome from a particular crime (more…)

50% of drivers break the 2-second rule

Research from Brake has revealed that 53% of motorists are driving too close to the vehicle in front on motorways. (more…)

Government to tackle rising insurance premiums

The PM met with the insurance industry, consumer and business groups to tackle the issue of rising insurance premiums (more…)

Devolution in transport funding

Proposals could see decision making on local transport schemes handed to local transport bodies (more…)