Officers to appeal dangerous driving charge

Two police officers based in Bradford are set to appeal a ban for dangerous driving and driving a vehicle backwards on a motorway. (more…)

Milton v. CPS [2007] High Court of Justice (QBD)

If you are accused of Dangerous Driving, can the Court look at your level of driving skill when deciding whether or not you have driven dangerously? (more…)

Proposed Dangerous Driving Sentence Increase

Jack Straw, Justice Secretary, has proposed an increase in the maximum prison sentence for dangerous driving from 2 to 5 years (more…)

What is Dangerous Driving?

A driver can be considered to be driving dangerously when their driving falls far below the minimum standard of a careful driver (more…)

Driving Without Due Care and Attention

We have commonly found that in scenarios where a car and motorcycle are involved in an accident, it is the biker that gets pursued for an offence rather than the car driver. Detailed below is the outline of a case Motor Defence Solicitors took on and successfully obtained an acquittal for the biker. (more…)

Fast Bikes Articles – Race and Chase

I was riding with a group of friends on sportsbikes in distinctive race leathers when we passed Captain Sensible on a stationary R 1200 GS, with a white helmet and black Gore-Tex, but no dayglo. (more…)