25% cycling by 2050?

The All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group wants a quarter of all journeys to be by push bike in 2050 (more…)

Cyclists want safer roads – survey reveals

Over 60% of commuters said that roads were unfit for cycling on and it puts them off using a bike for their commute (more…)

Cyclists should be segregated from cars

Research by three universities examining 4 cities suggests cyclists should be segregated from cars on main roads (more…)

Cycle training and lanes better than helmets

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) conducted a survey of 6,000 members to reveal that most thought cycle training and dedicated cycle lanes were better than wearing helmets (more…)

Government to promote cycling

A new strategy that plans to place cycling at the centre of local transport aims to reduce car usage (more…)

Contra-flow cycling

As part of a series of measures to encourage greener travel, cyclists will be allowed to ride either direction on one-way streets (more…)

Ray of light

American inventors have come up with a novel idea for safer cycling at night (more…)