Olympic Games road disruption

Transport for London (TfL) have released details of how the Olympic Games will affect the local transport network

Detailed with TfL website is specific information about how road events such as marathons, triathlons and cycle road races will impact the local road networks. In addition a website called Get Ahead of the Games provides advice and planning for travellers during the games.

Cyclists should be segregated from cars

Research by three universities examining 4 cities suggests cyclists should be segregated from cars on main roads (more…)

Cycle to Work Guarantee

The Cycle to Work Guarantee is a pledge between the Government, private and the public sector to encourage employees to cycle to work (more…)

Bike it to the station

£14 million of funds are to be put into encouraging rail commuters to bike to and from their station (more…)

Ray of light

American inventors have come up with a novel idea for safer cycling at night (more…)