Insurance premiums hiked due to crash-for-cash gang

261 fraudulent crashes from one gang raised the insurance premiums for a whole county (more…)

Drink driver flips car – video

A driver in Marlow, Bucks flipped his car when he crashed into a front garden. (more…)

Motorcycle friendly crash barriers

European research makes recommendations to change crash barrier design to make them motorcycle friendly (more…)

3D Crash scanners to be introduced

The Government has awarded 27 Police forces extra funds to buy 3D laser crash scanners (more…)

Car crash cost $3.8 million

14 cars were involved in a car accident in Japan which included 8 Ferraris, 3 Mercedes-Benz and a Lamborghini and cost $3.8 million (more…)

30% of drivers text at the wheel

A survey of 841 drivers by road safety charity Brake reveals that 3 out of 10 drivers admit to texting whilst driving (more…)

Staged crash kills wife

A 52 year-old man from Surrey has been convicted of murdering his wife and attempting to kill his second in insurance fraud crashes (more…)

Crash for Cash insurance fraud hotspots revealed

A list, compiled by the Insurance Fraud Bureau, reveals the areas with highest numbers of Crash for Cash insurance fraud (more…)

Mini race crash into spectators

A Mini challenge race car at the Ipswich 300 in Australia flipped into a crowd of spectators (more…)