Court clerk falsifies motorist’s convictions

A court clerk at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court falsified 71 drivers paperwork between 2004 and 2010 (more…)

Judge wasted money contesting red light offence

A judge has been handed a £5,000 fine for wasting court time and resources over a red light signal offence (more…)

Court hearings for offences down

Ministry of Justice statistics show a decrease in the number of road traffic offences which went to court (more…)

Justice outcomes by location

The crime map has been updated to include additional details about the outcome from a particular crime (more…)

Dangerous driving charge for Snowdon 4×4 driver

A man who attempted to drive to the summit of Snowdon faces charges of dangerous driving (more…)

Road Traffic Solicitor in Barnet

Our specialist road traffic solicitors are able to help you if you have a motoring offence such as dangerous or careless driving (more…)

Police criticised for using Aircraft to convict road marking offence

Cheshire Constabulary used a £300,000 aeroplane to photograph line markings on the A55 to help convict a white line road marking offence (more…)

Victims Surcharge Orders

For any offences that the Courts are able to punish with a fine, provided the offence was committed on or after 1 April 2007, a £15 victims’ surcharge will now be payable. (more…)

Making a Statutory Declaration

If you are prosecuted for an offence in a Magistrates’ Court and the matter is concluded in your absence, for example this could be an alleged offence of speeding, then you can contact your local Magistrates’ Court and request to make a Statutory Declaration – that you were not aware of the proceedings against you, this is done on oath. You would have to satisfy the Magistrates’ of the facts. (more…)

Recovering your costs

That when you go to Court and the Crown Prosecutor Service (CPS) ask for an adjournment because of any reasons such as they have not obtained all their evidence or another reason that is not your fault, then the Magistrates Court, where most cases are dealt with, are not allowed to punish the CPS by awarding costs against them, caused by the adjournment. (more…)