Extreme parking tickets

CCTV footage caught parking authorities in Israel painting disabled parking markings around an already parked car (more…)

Drink driver flips car – video

A driver in Marlow, Bucks flipped his car when he crashed into a front garden. (more…)

Drivers banned for car surfing stunt

Two drivers have been banned from driving after they were caught on CCTV performing ‘car surfing’ (more…)

Luton Airport Parking CCTV Fines

From today, Luton Airport will start fining motorists who do not park in the designated areas to drop off their passengers at the airport

The airport introduced a £1 parking charge for those motorists who are dropping off passengers. Through complaints about drivers parking in non-designated areas to drop off and therefore creating congestion at the airport, CCTV has been introduced to fine drivers parking illegally and ignoring road signs. Andrew Prendergast appeared on Anglia TV News explaining how this would affect the motorist. View the complete video below.


Big Brother CCTV rakes in £1 million

A CCTV camera at Clapham South underground station has an estimated revenue of £1 million (more…)

Mobile traffic warden

Redbridge council in London now have an extra set of eyes for the regular traffic warden (more…)

Number Plate Cameras

Drivers have been caught on Police camera 100 times a year (more…)