Bus Company fined for using… a bus lane

A bus company driver was sent a £60 PCN for driving a 27-seater bus down a bus lane in Glasgow (more…)

Advice for riders using the bus lane

The IAM have released safety advice to motorcyclists and cyclists wishing to use bus lanes in London (more…)

Council plans £3.2m bus lane that is 100 metres long

Worcester Council are planning to build a bus lane that is 100 metres long at a cost of £32,000 per metre (more…)

Motorbikes and cyclists to share the bus lane

Successful 18 month trial of motorbikes and cyclists sharing bus lanes in London may become widespread (more…)

Bus Lane Offences could be refunded

A driver who strayed into a bus lane in Oxford and was fined £60 for the offence has had his appeal upheld (more…)

Biker confusion

Confusion over when motorcyclists can use bus lanes needs to be clarified (more…)