Biker definition changed

The Oxford English Dictionary has been forced to change their definition of ‘biker’ (more…)

Pensioner caught doing 138mph

A 70-year-old biker in Scotland has admitted dangerous driving and failing to stop after high speed chase (more…)

150mph YouTube biker banned for 5 years

Mr Owens who filmed himself riding dangerously through Milton Keynes received a 5 year ban (more…)

Scottish speeding biker given support by Police

Police offered a letter of support for a man charged with Dangerous Driving by overtaking a line of traffic at 117mph (more…)

Biker prosecuted for pothole accident

A biker in Somerset is being prosecuted for Driving Without Due Care & Attention after coming off his bike due to a pothole (more…)

Custom quad

A German motorbike fanatic has been caught speeding on a quad made from a beer crate (more…)