Young male drivers overconfident

IAM research reveals that nearly two thirds of young male drivers think they are more skilled than the average driver (more…)

Car crash cost $3.8 million

14 cars were involved in a car accident in Japan which included 8 Ferraris, 3 Mercedes-Benz and a Lamborghini and cost $3.8 million (more…)

Website provides accident locations and reports

A website that uses data from the Department for Transport provides an easy way for people to find accidents by postcode (more…)

Giant pothole accident

Driver and passenger both escaped seconds before their van sunk into a 7ft hole that opened up in the road (more…)

Motorcycle accident statistics

The DfT have released its latest statistics on motorcycling and motorcycles in Great Britain during 2009 (more…)

ELO member killed by hay bale

Mike Edwards, one of the members of the 1970’s group Electric Light Orchestra was crushed by a hay bale in a freak accident (more…)

Dowsing rods reduce accidents

Austrian transport bosses brought in the skills of druids to reduce accidents (more…)

Traffic Officers prevented motorway tragedy

Traffic Officers in Manchester were thanked by driver who followed their advice (more…)

Car drivers always at fault

Cycling pressure groups are calling for changes to civil law to make the driver ‘always liable’ in the event of an accident with a cyclist (more…)

Double summertime could cut road deaths

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) suggest that adopting single double summer time (SDST) can cut the number of road traffic accidents (more…)