Police admit not enforcing 20mph limit

The Police have admitted that they are not actively enforcing new 20mph speed limits (more…)

20mph speed limits welcomed but without the Police enforcement

The IAM has conducted a survey of 4,000 motorists and reveals that 67% think 20mph limits should be used outside schools (more…)

Traffic Signs Policy Review changes

New measures have been introduced to allow councils to paint 20mph speed limits on the road at their own discretion (more…)

More 20mph speed limits

Road Safety Minister Paul Clark has issued new proposals to extend the ability for council to have 20mph speed limits without traffic calming measures in place (more…)

Speed Cameras on residential roads

The Home Office is set to approve average speed cameras (SPECS) on residential roads in the New Year (more…)

Bristol gets 20mph limit

Two large areas in Bristol are to become 20mph zones early next year, with plans to eventually include the whole city (more…)