Motorist arrested driving away from disqualification

A 24-year-old driver who was given a 9 month disqualification was arrested driving away from the Court (more…)

A new camera in town

Councils up and down the country are installing new super cameras to catch motorists (more…)

Tougher mobile phone penalties

The IAM has called for tougher and more consistent penalties for drivers causing death whilst using a mobile phone (more…)

Motorcycle ban on a public road?

The BMF are looking to overturn a decision by Brent Council to ban motorcycles from Rainsford Road, near the Ace Café (more…)

42 points and still driving

A woman from London is still driving with 42 points on her licence (more…)

The Pothole Review

12 months on from the pothole review, councils are being more open about the issue (more…)

International Handbook of Road Safety

Planned for publication next year, road safety academics and practitioners get together to fight the global problem of road traffic injuries (more…)

Court clerk falsifies motorist’s convictions

A court clerk at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court falsified 71 drivers paperwork between 2004 and 2010 (more…)

Lane hogging fines operative from Friday

Anti-social motorists will receive on-the-spot fines for a range of careless driving actions (more…)

New tax disc rules

The DVLA have revised the rules when renewing your tax disc or taxing a vehicle for the first time (more…)