Continuous Insurance Enforcement

Regulations have been laid today before parliament to tackle uninsured drivers

Under the new regulations it will be an offence to keep a vehicle uninsured, rather than just driving with no insurance. Under the new system, if vehicle owner fails to insure their vehicle they will face a £100 fine from the DVLA. Working together with the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) to identify uninsured vehicles. Letters will then be sent, the first in June, to owners notifying them that they will be fined if no action is taken. If the vehicle remains uninsured even after a fine, the DVLA will have the power to seize and destroy the vehicle.

Vehicles with a valid Statutory Off Road Notice (SORN) will not be required to be insured. It is estimated that uninsured drivers add £30 to responsible motorists’ insurance premiums.

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