Recovering your costs

That when you go to Court and the Crown Prosecutor Service (CPS) ask for an adjournment because of any reasons such as they have not obtained all their evidence or another reason that is not your fault, then the Magistrates Court, where most cases are dealt with, are not allowed to punish the CPS by awarding costs against them, caused by the adjournment.

How does this affect me?

Even if you do all that is required of you but the case against you is still adjourned, your costs will still continue to rise. This is important to note especially if you are in the majority of the population and would have to pay for your legal assistance privately. However if the case against you is discontinued (dropped) or you win the case, then you can apply for your reasonable costs to be refunded.

What does that mean?

Having your reasonable costs refunded means that you are likely to recover most, but not always all, of your outlay.  The level of recovery, as it is termed, is set by the Court. Our Cost Recovery Team could be able to assist you in this matter.

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