Driving Offence Medical Examination

That on 1 April 2008, the Government has changed the rules for certain driving offences. So from that date any driver found guilty of either

•A single disqualification for driving or being in charge when the level of alcohol exceeded 87.5 micrograms (Mg) in breath, 200 Mg in blood or 267.5 Mg in urine
•A second disqualification for drink driving/in charge within a 10 years period.
•A single disqualification for refusing/failing to supply a specimen

Will be required to undergo a medical examination and the Government have put this under the cover of the High Risk Offender Scheme.

How will this affect me?

If you are convicted of one the offences above, you will, before the license can be re-instated, be required to undergo an independent medical examination which will also include blood tests. This test will cost you £90.00 under the current rates; these are set by the Government. DVLA are instructed not to re-issue the driving license until they are in receipt of this report.

What does that mean?

The basis for the examination is to ensure that any person who is disqualified and has a current history of alcohol misuse and/or dependency and/or an unexplained abnormal blood test analysis will be refused a licence, thus in theory at least it should assist in keeping the numbers of repeat offenders off the roads.

However should you be in that position that you are facing a conviction of any of the above offences, then in addition to any fine (including the Victim Surcharge (currently £15.00)) or a Community Order you shall be required to pay a charge of £90.00 for the medical.

At present the normal charge of £65.00 for a re-issue of a licence after a disqualification is included in the £90.00, but as the saying goes – watch this space!

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